What is Charter House Real Estate About?

At Charter House we value a quality life just as much as we value a quality business.
Because we spend so many of our available hours working, it is important to us that we work with the right clients.
Just as you are evaluating the right firm and agent to hire, we also evaluate which clients we want to be part of our real estate family.
Here is what we value and what we are looking for. If you like what you see and fit the bill, give us a call!

1. We are a glass half full company. We view the world in a positive way and want clients who think likewise. 
2. We are loyal. We are extremely loyal to our clients and will be there for you when times are tough and we ask for your loyalty in return.
3. We value the relationship. Your business is not just a sale to us. We want to get to know you and have you stop by the office to see us from time to time. Need something? Let us know and see if we can help. We are not a "numbers" firm, we put the client before the sale. Every single time.
4. We respect our adversaries. In real estate it is often "us" versus "them" and we will do the job that is required. But we will always be respectful when we do it. As a firm we believe that we capture many more flies with honey and we act that way. It works in the long run.
5. We need your trust. Real estate deals have many moving parts. We need you to trust that we know what we are doing to get the job done. We will communicate as much as possible, but please know that even in silence, we are working on your behalf to get you to the finish line.
6. We do the work. There is no magic to real estate. Just hard work and good marketing. With us you get both. Be patient with us while the process plays out. There are no shortcuts to success.
7. We are people too. We have families. We have good days and bad days, just like you. Buying and selling is a process. Hang in there with us. You will get our best effort at all times, but nothing in life is perfect. Give us a chance to correct a mistake if one is made. We are always going to try our best for you.
8. We are talented but we don't read minds. The number one issues between buyers/sellers and agents is communication. We want clients who will let us know if their expectations are not being met. That is the only way we can fix something. Talk to us and we will respond.
9. We fight fair. Yes, we will go to bat for you as that is a our job, but we will do it within the rules and we will not sacrifice ethics for a paycheck. We believe in being honorable and doing our business that way.
10. We are picky! This is a good thing. This means we want the best for you. The best photos, the best marketing, the best of everything. We want to do things RIGHT, not just do them. So, we want clients who care as well. We want clients who want to work with the BEST, not just the cheapest, etc. If you care about working with a company who cares about the end product and doing the little things right along the way, then we want you as a client.